Mini Ultron


IDIVINITY Golden foil on Embossed Triangle
Organic loops with embroidery ID
✓ Mini Belt: 3 cm
To wear in a Versatile Way: Hand, Shoulder with a single chain and a belt bag.
or a double chain and a belt bag.
Dimensions: 15,5 X 21 X 12 cm
Brass chain and interior rings in tribute gold finish
Crossbody: modular with shoulder strap accessory
“ID WAVES” to be purchased separately.
Made in Italy
Non-industrialised Artisan Product

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Inspired by the rarest metals and embellished by the Small parts in tribute gold, Forged by metal wires like a Armored surface , the Mini Ultron stands out For its Elitist and Timeless style. Its uniqueness is given by the perfect Combination of the precious Chevron “Metallique Divinity” and embossed parts in Calfskin. The complex concatenated embroidery in 3 shades of Degraded metal, gives it a Bold and sophisticated aesthetic. The mini Ultron has a unique versatility: the unique chain that can be transformed into double, the organic loops that allow it to adapt to a belt bag and the Crossbody wearing with the use of the ‘’ID Waves’’ shoulder strap, which allows it to better define your identity.