Sophora Japonica


Limited edition: 100 pieces
Internal label with buyer name and part number # / 100
✓ Embroidered flowers with crystals
Possibility of personalization of the initials on a small flower
✓ Organic loops with embroidery ID
Mini Belt: 3cm
✓ To wear in a Versatile Way: Hand, Shoulder with a double or single chain and a belt bag.
✓ Dimensions: 15 x 19 x 6 cm
✓ Brass chain and interior rings in Opaque gold finish
✓ Crossbody: modular with shoulder strap accessory ‘’ID WAVES’’ to be purchased separately.
Made in Italy
Non-industrialised Artisan Product

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Golden hour with warm and bright tones, Inspired by the majestic ornamental blooms of the Japanese sophora, the Sophora Japonica It’s the emblem of a new luxury.
The complexity and unique craftsmanship of the Precious sculptural flowers, embroidered with over 3,000 crystals by the most experienced hands of the Italian savoir-faire, makes it an exclusive creation. The material refinement, the preciousness of the Cracked Fluf skin, the gold brass chain, the organic loops and the bellows embroidered by Golden Honey thread, perfectly define a new way of conceiving the accessory. Define your identity with this jewel bag and customise it by modifying its DNA. Sculpt your initials on the medium flower, Customise it with your name on the label Inside and create your unique piece.

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